Recap of 2018

Recap of 2018

Two years.
Two wild and insane years since I launched this travel blog, SamiM Adventures. Thanks for sticking with me this far! When I first started this blog, I envisioned becoming this influencer that got paid to take tours and stay at glam places. I wanted to discover the coolest locations in cities across the globe all while making that cash money. Who doesn’t want that life?

But let’s be real, it is exhausting always having to create content and discover the undiscovered. This year was the year where I learned that less is more. I stopped trying to push myself to maniacal lengths to produce a post each week. It was really consuming me so much that I had to stop, reevaluate, and set more realistic goals while continuing doing what I love – travel and share my experiences.

From numerous road trips in the South to flying domestically and internationally, 2018 has been the best year of growth! Getting back up after my ACL injury and going on another international solo trip was so humbling and terrifying.

And most importantly, this year has been the year where I truly embraced who I am – a plus-sized woman who really loves doing things no matter my size. As a whole, plus-sized representation is kind of non-existent. This past year I have stumbled upon some amazing ladies (Annette at From Annette with Love & Chantel at Voyaging Vagabond) and I hope that I can be just a small part of the amazing community of known as Fat Girls Traveling!

Now let’s get to my recap. Each memory is linked either to a blog post or photo so please click around on some of your favorite ones and leave me some love! I read each and every single comment and truly enjoy knowing that someone is reading my experiences and that I am not just talking into the void! ?

In 2018,

Are you ready for the gallery of 2018? Nothing but pictures of me so ??‍♀️. Be sure to click and see the full images and easily navigate using your arrows.

Travel Stats

  • States: 10
  • Countries: 7
  • Miles Flown: 12,446 on 10 flights
  • Roadtrip miles driven: 4232

Blog Stats

  • 13 blog posts – I learned that quality is way better than quantity.
  • 6667 visits to my website/ Average of 556 a month
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
      • from 183 to 390 likes
    • Instagram
      • from 730 to 1020 followers
    • Pinterest
      • from 340 to 550

In 2019, I want to:

  • Try to understand the power of social media and use it more for my advantage.
  • Dive really deep into SEO so my posts can be seen by those who are interested in the topic.
  • Learn better time management and work smarter, not harder.
  • Have courage and hopefully visit Asia.
  • Attempt to send out a quarterly newsletter.

What you can do…

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AND leave me comments and feedback and let me know what you love and don’t love.

Where would you like to see SamiM Adventures go this year?


Sami Mastrario

A small town, plus-sized Southern girl that loves to travel to cool places, eat unadventurous food, and take pretty pictures.

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