About Sami

Hi, I’m Sami Mastrario!

I’m an ordinary photographer living an ordinary life taking extraordinary adventures. I have always been passionate about travel and take pretty pictures of the places I have been, but it was only this year that I launched SamiM Adventures.

Here at SamiM Adventures, I am sharing my experiences, my photographs, and my love of travel with everyone whether domestically or internationally.

What’s my story?

My love story with travel began at a very young age.

My first domestic trip was at age one when I did a cross-country trip with my parents to my self-proclaimed home state of Georgia. Since then, I have traveled extensively in the United States hitting up 45 of the 50 states. I even embarked on my first “international” to Canada in high school.

Fast forward to college when I trekked across the pond to the beautiful country of Italy on a study abroad trip for a month. In the most cliche way, this trip changed my life. I soaked up the smells, the language, and the incredible sights of Italy. The absolute freedom of going and seeing and doing and being. My Italian trip created an insatiable thirst for travel. It has also changed my life perspective on so many things; politics and diversity to name a few.

The world awaits…


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