Atlanta’s most colorful murals #ATLMuralMarch

Atlanta’s most colorful murals #ATLMuralMarch

So I think I am starting a series – Georgia’s hidden adventures – because there are so many funky and amazing places that are located right here in my home state that I never knew existed! The first of the series is dedicated to a truly colorful and fun scavenger hunt type adventure: finding the coolest mural art that Atlanta has to offer. An #ATLMuralMarch, if you will.

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco Kroger Beltline Hense

I will be honest, as a South Georgia girl, I have been to Atlanta a million times for those big city visits and I thought I had seen most of what Atlanta had to offer but man was I wrong. There is just a completely different side of ATL that I never even imagined! This adventure was spontaneous and seriously one of my very favorites. What started out as a trip to check the popular Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market in Atlanta with my oldest sister Sarah, ended up becoming a wall art journey around the whole city. When Sarah first suggested the idea, I jumped on it immediately. So with our research done (loads of googling and Instagram stalking), I got up way earlier than I normally do and loaded into the car with Sarah and my niece Georgia. We had a plan in motion to start at the Disco Kroger, meet up with some friends for lunch on Decatur Square, and head to Beltline (more on this later) where random art was peppered along the route.

Our first stop was the the Disco Kroger. It  was literally a Kroger grocery store. When the GPS said we were at the correct location, I looked around and thought – this is surburbia and there is no way the colorful wall was located here. After that first glance where we we saw no sign of a cool mural from the pictures, I suggested we drive around the building. BAM, there it was in all of it’s colorful disco ball, John Travolta a la Saturday Night Fever glory. So take a little tip from me if you plan on visiting here: when your GPS leads you to the parking lot and you are facing the Kroger storefront, go to the little hidden corner on the right side of the building. It’s actually an art store parking lot which makes perfect sense to me.

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco KrogerSamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco Kroger

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco Kroger

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco Kroger

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco KrogerSamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco KrogerSamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Disco Kroger
After spending an hour here (we were just as shocked as you may be at the amount of time we took photos, etc), we headed off to Decatur Square. This little hub of boutiques, unique eateries, and the cutest architecture is definitely on my list to go back and visit more thoroughly. We met up with some friends at the Brick Store Pub. Seriously, the best pub food. I ordered the soft pretzel appetizer SamiM Adventures Decatur Square Brick Store Pubserved with pimento cheese and homemade mustard which may seem totally weird but it was perfect for my less-than-refined palate. My sister ordered an open-faced chicken salad sandwich melt with dates and pine nuts. We then split our two dishes and shared. I love traveling with a companion for that exact reason!

With our bellies full, we popped over to the Beltline. What is now a biking and walking pathway, used to be a railroad track around the city. There are still many areas that are under construction but the part we visited was completed and it’s full of gorgeous art pieces, murals, and a TON of bikers and runners.

Perhaps one of my favorite walls was this Hense mural. So bright and colorful! The perfect backdrop for that instagram photo. However, on Saturdays when the Beltline is full, it is very hard to get a good photo (because let’s be honest, that is what this wall art checklist is all about) because of the constant traffic flow from bikers. I am not kidding. I almost got plowed over several times and I was not even on the pathway so I definitely recommend you go on a date when it will not be as busy! It was impossible to get a full photo of the whole wall because of the sheer craziness and I never had time to really go back when it got calmer.

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Beltline HenseSamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Beltline Hense

There were a few others on the Beltline that I knew I had to include!

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Beltline Best of Atlanta

SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch Atlanta Beltline


I have so much more to show so be on the lookout for my part 2 #ATLMuralMarch about Cabbagetown – the ATL area that has 100s of murals. 100s!


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SamiM Adventures Atlanta Mural March #ATLMuralMarch.

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