What to do in downtown Thomasville, Georgia

What to do in downtown Thomasville, Georgia

A little known gem in my home state is the southern town of Thomasville, Georgia. What was once a resort for the elite has now turned into a bustling little city. The downtown area is full of clothing boutiques, local eateries, and so much Southern small town charm. This past weekend, I had a free day and I decided to spontaneously go on a local adventure. I asked my moma if she wanted to go and it was set – Thomasville!

What to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWe were experiencing a cold front but that did not stop our meandering around on Broad Street, the main street downtown. I wore my monogrammed blanket scarf my moma got me for Christmas from a local seller, my cute little keyhole sweater dress and jeggins from Aero Boutique in Tifton (I adore them so much!), booties from Belk, and a cozy wool-like jacket from Target.

We easily spent 2-3 hours going in and out of stores such as Spence and Lane and the Pink Valise. I purchased this adorable gold faux-leather choker from the trendy Mimi’s the Look (which has an online store – WIN!) and an adorable black and white striped long sleeve pico shirt at ally b boutique. If you learn anything about me, learn this: gold and black and white stripes are my lifeblood. Coincidentally, that is why my photography business brand has those design elements! There were many other items I was tempted to buy but alas, I am on a budget for my future adventures.

What to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaIn the middle of our browsing and shopping, we ate a late lunch at the small little eatery – Savannah Moon Bakery and Café. They have delicious small-portioned homemade chicken pot-pie full of yummy colorful veggies and tasty chicken that came with a feta and mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette. My moma had a gourmet 4-cheese grilled cheese with one of the cheese being chipotle gouda. She also got a homemade tomato bisque. Both were delicious. I got some homemade muffins to go for my breakfast the next couple of days as well and I can attest that they were delicious!

Speaking of delicious food, we stopped by Sweet Grass Dairy and I grabbed some pimento cheese off their shelf. Someone came in and grabbed three more so that was the hot item of the day apparently! If you ever get a chance to go visit, be sure to try the pimento cheese made with their Thomasville Tomme cheese or try a nibble of the Asher Bleu cheese. They are both super yum!

I got to enjoy my little part of Thomasville this week when I ate my pimento cheese spread as a snack.

What to do in downtown Thomasville, Georgia


Some other stores of interest:

Grassroots Coffee: I am a huge Caramel Latte fan and they make a pretty amazing one. The atmosphere is cozy and definitely what you would expect from a small town coffee joint. They also have local entertainers sometime which is a plus in my books.

The Bookshelf: As you can imagine from their name, they are a locally owned bookstore with a huge selection, coffee, chocolate truffles, and a dedicated kids section. They also have bookclubs and showcase local literary creatives. One could easily buy a full stack of books from there if they are not careful!

Jonah’s Fish and Grits: Although on this trip I didn’t get to enjoy the amazing dishes at Jonah’s due to the amount of those waiting to eat there, I have been here before and I can attest to the deliciousness. Try their signature fried green tomato chicken sandwich (I promise, a staple in the south!) or the chicken bella fettuccine. If you are a grits person, my moma adores their shrimp and grits entree.

What to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, GeorgiaWhat to do in downtown Thomasville, Georgia



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What to do in downtown Thomasville, Georgia

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